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Never start a business just to “make money” START a business to make a difference
~ Marie Forleo

Tax when you’re headed overseas

Most people’s “to-do” list when they are planning a trip overseas will likely include items such as travel insurance, phone chargers or taking photos of their passport — but probably the last thing on anyone’s minds will be their likely tax situation before, during or after that trip-of-a-lifetime.

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Penalty interest can be deductible, under specific conditions

A new ruling has been released by the ATO on the deductibility or otherwise of “penalty interest”. The term penalty interest refers to an amount payable by a borrower under a loan agreement when the lender agrees to early repayment of a loan. The amount payable is commonly calculated by reference to the number of months of interest payments that would have been received but for the early payment.

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Three-quarter FBT year compliance check-up

As the FBT year runs from 1 April to 31 March, the months of October to December mark the “third quarter” of the FBT year, and so, as an early fix before year’s end, here is an overview of the FBT elements that can attract the ATO’s attention.

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The success combination in Business is: Do what you do better… and: Do more of
what you do…
~ David Joseph Schwartz

Dynamic Modal

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